Makrite 9500-N95 NIOSH Approved N95 Particulate Respirator, 20 Pieces (20 Per Box)
Purism Particulate Respirator without Valve, 20 Pieces (20 Per Box), Back Order

Protector KN95 5-Layer Face Mask, 20 Pieces ( 20 Per Box)


Application: schools, high-speed trains, airports, public transport and other places of relatively dense population

  • Protector KN95 5 layers face mask with 2 meltblown layers comes in a convenient pack of 20
  • Adjustable metal nose piece  to close fit the contour of anyone’s face
  • Five layer structure is a closer and safer protection. The material of an inside layer is skin-friendly non-woven fabric, the two middle layers are melt blown non-woven fabric with  Filtration Efficiency (FE) >= 95% and the another two inside layers are non-woven fabric
  • Bigger size, larger air space and much more comfortable
  • Shipment: arrive in 3-5 business days
  • No tax across the continental 50 states
  • Returnable within 14 days if not opened at the expense of your own shipping cost
  • UPC: 728488083888
  • Specifications:
    Quantity per box: 20
    Shelf time: 2 years
    Production date: Check Inside Certification
    Manufacturer: Ningbo Fenghua Sun Create Household Products Co., Ltd. (China)
    Quality Standard: GB 2626-2006, FDA registration with code MSH
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